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by N. R. Borg | Score: 1600

Opening the door, I glanced in to see a beautifully decorated home, rustic farm style. The living room was straight ahead, and the clean, and spacious kitchen was to the right. I look back at Alastair and he smiles. “Do you like it?” He asks with a smile. “I love it.” I smile back. He led me into the kitchen and I sat down at the island. He walked around me and opened the cabinet, taking down a small box of earl grey tea. He remembered! 
He turned back and lifted an eyebrow, “This type, I presume?” “Yes,” I laughed, “you are absolutely correct.” He turns on the tea kettle and waits for it to boil. The silence in the air thick. “So…” I start. “Are we going to talk about it?” He lifts his hands to his face and rubs his eyes. “Yeah… We probably should.” He glances at me, tears shining in his eyes. “I had this plan. To come back all heroically, and save you from them. I was going to come back. I hope you knew that. As I walked out, I hated the look of betrayal in your eyes when I walked out without a word.  I am so sorry. I tried to save you through starting the fire. Will you please forgive me?” I take his face in my hands and stare long and hard. “I knew you wanted to save me. And you did. In your own spontaneous way. I love you Alec. I always have.”

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