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by Anonymous | Score: 1300

She paces in her jail cell, the concrete walls covered in rotting food, dried blood, crayons. She used to be a beautiful petite woman, but spending the rest of her life in prison turned an angel into a true monster. She paces faster and faster thinking about her revenge 
on her daughter. As she thinks about her daughter the woman screams out in rage, punching the wall, making her bruised knuckles bleed. "Knock it off!!" One of the guards yelled at her as he jogged to the dirty cell. "Tori," He said annoyed, "You can't be doing this anymore." She glared at him and screamed once more. She lunged at the man, grabbing the rusted bars on her cell. The man leaped back in fright and walked back to his office, cursing at her. Tori snickered and went back to plotting her revenge. She sat down on dirtied floor and 

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