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The glass shattered, splintering into a thousand brilliant pieces as the one night Renee needed everything to go right when terribly, terrible wrong.

"This party is terrible," her father lamented. He was a judge, so he was pretty good at labeling things in black or white right off the bat. And Renee had desperately wanted this to be a white day.

"The presents were nice," she said carefully, pointing at a plastic pony and a plush tog with a little tag that read 'Spot'. Things she never would have chosen for herself at almost nineteen, but things that her stepmother Joy seemed to think she needed.

"They are nice!" Joy exclaimed, running her finger down Spot's back. She grinned a little too widely and gestured wildly with the solo cup in her other hand. "It's just so, so, so nice."

Renee's father looked at Joy with a weary gaze and turned back to Renee. "I suppose you invited that boy of yours."

The girl blushed. So they had come to the reason she had needed everything to be perfect. "Renaldo is more than a boy. He's a man."

"Sure, sure. Marines, was it?"


"So he can't even get into the Marines."

"Better than you, Quincent," Joy slurred. "At least he didn't start out as some deadbeat convinced he's going to change the world with an idea and a paint brush."

Her father's expression tightened. "Let's just have breakfast, shall we?"

"Breakfast for dinner!" Joy trilled. "What a lovely idea? Isn't it lovely, Quincent?"

"Yes darling," the judge muttered. "Quite." He sighed. "Where is this boy, anyway? The eggs are almost ready."

Renee shrugged. "I'll go get him."

"I'll come with!" Joy shouted too loudly. She giggled. "I have some marvelous ideas for my next invention, you know. Imagine electricity, but it's in the form of a pen! Wouldn't that be cool!"

"Very," Renee reassured her. "But I'm quite concerned with finding Henry right now. So can you be quiet please?"

"Of course! I can be quiet." Joy made the motion of zipping her lips. 

As Renee looked at her stepmother, she suddenly got a glimpse of herself in twenty years. Working some minimum wage job - a teaching assistant or waitress or something - while she doted on her husband and sought every opportunity to put a bottle in her hand.

And Renee didn't like what she saw.

"Renee?" It was Henry, holding a fork and spoon in both hands. "I thought we needed more silverware, so I went out and bought some. It will look 

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