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The X1 Variant

by Anonymous | Score: 1300

As the longtime hospital staff nurse got ready to prepare for the day, the medics wheeled in the next fire victim. She came in the hospital entrance immediately. Her was a mess. But the nurse knew this was someone's family member and was poised to traat her as such.  Her voice was slightly scratched as sirens sounded in the distance. She managed to say " Alright what have we got? " The EMT said "Multiple degree burns on face, hands and over the body. " Was this the apartment fire on Lennox Ave. ?" said the nurse. The EMT looked at her and nodded. EMT said "Yes. She also has lacerations on her back. Could be possible domestic situation."

Okay. We need to get her to Room 2 immediately! Also prepare oxygen, saline solutions... also we will need to separate the..." continued the nurse. They wheeled her in, This nurse knew thw rigors 

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