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My uncle Seb

by Tony Hadders | Score: 850

At the beginning of the semester, I learnt that my uncle Seb had passed away. He was this jolly man who always where generous with his snacks. I loved to ride in his car with him during summers with the windows open to lay my arm along the warm frame. But the best part was that there was always snacks in the door pocket.

At times when he had gotten older, I used to help him out with his computer. It seemed to always crash in mysterious ways at least once a week, but I figured that is was mostly a way to get me there to visit.
I really appreciated that he wanted me to come over. He had his computer in the basement and it was the coziest place I knew of. He had this green soft rug that covered the whole floor.

Since he passed I have went to his house and layed down on the rug every week.

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