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Arthur James

by Laraine Blythe | Score: 2350

Arthur James looks out the airplane window over the dense forest and smiles, "Ahh nature." He says to himself. Arthur is traveling to Alaska from Oregon and they just took off about an hour ago. Arthur looks up as an old woman scuttles over to the seat next to him and sits down carrying an old purse in both her hands. "Hello young man." She says in a crackling voice. Arthur smiles and nods his head. The old woman eyes his watch, "What a beautiful watch that is! You know I make watch's and clocks. Where'd you ge-" She broke off as the pilot announced that the plane was going down they would try to land in a safe place. Arthur is terrified so he does as the pilot says and fastens his seatbelt. The women next to his closes her eyes and says a prayer.  BAM! Everything goes black. 

Arthur wakes up in a tree covered in blood. "Arrrrggg." He groans as he tries to sit up. The teenager looks down and see's that in his left leg there's a piece of the plane lodge in his shin and a stick stabbing through his chest. Arthur looks at his surroundings and see's dead body everywhere and parts of the plane scattered everywhere.

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Begin Start typing to begin
Words Reach 50 words
Character An artistic clockmaker
Words Reach 100 words
Letter Use the letter E
Event An airplane crashes
Words Reach 200 words

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