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Weird painting blurt

by Eye | Score: 2050

I rubbed my eyes. Another night of staring at the ceiling. Thoughts keeping my brain too active to let me sleep. I felt myself slowly going crazy..insane thoughts plaguing my mind. I walked out of the bed and went downstairs. I couldn’t keep my hands. Everything was so stupidly...there...
What am I thinking? I shake my hands and walk over to grab my paintbrush. Sipping my coffee, I sit down a start painting. I swear to god this will not end well. I sat there for a bit, sketching and painting. Letting my overnight thoughts blurt out onto the canvas. My sleep schedule was ruined. Everything had to be ruined since I lost my job. 
I slowly formed a dull barbarian on my page.
I looked at it weirdly. It was somehow soothing...I began to talk to it, letting all my fears and wonders out at it..
I felt it reply and gasped, grabbing my water goggles so I could see better- wait what?  I didn’t see with water goggles? This was absurd. As a positive sailor always said “glasses were used to see.”
I laughed to myself. How crazy...
“It’s just you and me, Dylan.” I sighed.
“E” he replied.
“E?” I sai

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