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the boy who's lost

by genesis | Score: 1600

a boy drifted off, thinking of an important person. shes the brightest start in the sky, if she even is the one. he would often think that she isn't real. just a pigment of his imagination.  yet , she hugs him, tells him everything will be alright, put him to sleep with a sweet lullaby and all that stuff. he loves her like a best friend he never had. " Kevin! bus is here" "coming mom" he ran down stairs carrying his small backpack behind him. she stopped him for a second. "whoa there mister "  he looked up at her confused. she smiled and bent own to his level. she fixed the boy tie and smiled exhaustively. "do i have fix your tie every time"? . he kissed her cheek and ran out the bus  waving and saying " i love you mom". but that was years ago. he smiled , his eyes showing sadness. why did she have to go so early? lately his mother had gotten sick. she would cough out blood and it would worry him a lot. she felt like fainting and never waking up. he would believe , though and considering that he still nine years old. his mother began to cough so bad that she fell to the ground. " mom are you okay !?" he began to call the ambulance. he saw her being taken away on a stretcher and to the hospital.

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