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Tree bark bot

by Varsha | Score: 2050

I am in 2075. I am frail and annoyed. Where does all the youth vanish into ? All my vigor, joy and strength vanished into nothing. The circle of time punishes the human soul. Rather, we never get accustomed to learn to embrace time and its ghastly truths of life. For, only one is the ultimate truth : TIME 
It stands for none, drags everyone along with it. Today I am in a park, I see virtual AI bots, on each tree bark, waiting for someone to start interacting. I have uploaded my dog's profile in it. Mincy, a golden-retriever, who would have been 45 today, greets me with her joyful tail-wags. Isn't she the cutest, I exclaim. I pretend to throw a bone afar, for her to run virtually and fetch it. On the other tree bark, is a man, in his twenties I presume, talking to another man on the bot. They are flirting, looking into their eyes and asking if they can talk again tomorrow at the same time. The man on the bot laughs, telling tomorrow his registration expires and that he needs to go to another tree bark, to socialise with others before he gets the opportunity to get back to this one. The tree bark bot is built on the basis that people have to thrive on separation, so as to reduce the need for companionship and adoration. I have not mentioned in the application that Mincy is dead, for she will no longer be allowed on the portal. If they find out, I can only talk to her in my dreams. That is not bad too, I rec

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