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Firestorm’s Final Stand

by Anonymous | Score: 1650

Firestorm sprinted towards a cave with a narrow entrance. The rain was pelting down on as she got closer and closer, it stung when it landed on her. The entrance to the cave was just big enough where Firestorm could fit through. She crawled to the back of the cave and found there was damp moss growing there. Do she sat down on the moss and horrid images of what had happened earlier, began playing again and again in her mind. Firestorm started crying when she remembered Clawstar cornering Echo and clawing her to death. Then he’d let Echo go, her limp body falling to the ground. He turned to her, a murderous glint in his cold yellow eyes. 
   “Please don’t kill me,” Firestorm had whimpered, hardly able to look at Echo’s body without more tears running down her face.
   “What do you think I’m going to do?” Clawstar had snarled, and his bloody claws raked her arm and across her chest. Blood poured out of the wounds, and Firestorm cried out in pain. The rain had began falling at that time, and that gave her a chance to escape. 
  “I’m all alone, I have no one,” Firestorm murmured to herself in the cave. The rain had washed away most of the blood, but the gashes still bled heavily. Her vision started going blurry and her breathing shallowed. 
  “I… can’t…. Not now…. No….” Firestorm said, barely a whisper. She trembled so hard, she fell on

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