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My days in Mississippi

by Dove R. | Score: 650

Hello my name is Jason and I live in Mississippi I’m trying not to loose my patients here but the people are literally driving me insane. I can’t eat a little midnight snack without having a buffet. I can’t take a little stroll without people saying hi to me and or inviting me to a cookout!! At this rate, I’ll be as fat as pa at a Sunday  dinner. The people are nice, I’ll give it to them, but they’re too nice, I’m always being invited to things, cookouts as I said before, fishing, hunting, mud rolling?! And simply anything else that requires running around and getting dirty. This is simply too much. But I guess I’ll just have to endure it, since i don’t go home in 2 months. Maybe things’ll get better by then, but I doubt it. Anyway, send advice if you can! I’ll need it..

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