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The Discovery

by Claire | Score: 6600

Lilith had done it.

She had found the cure before all those fancy highly-thinking scientists. They could not compare to her in any way. And she had even less experience than them. But how to tell the world that Lilith Noman found the cure to the Flare? She grabbed her keychain and went down the stairs of her one bedroom apartment/office. She had never liked the idea of working in some over the top veterinary school of some sort. She had always wanted to become something, someone, great. Accomplish the un-accomplishable and get an award or something. Be on the very important scientist board and become even more famous. Lilith goes to her car and looks at her phone. She got an idea. She runs back into her apartment and goes into her office. She looks at all the candy wrappers and is slightly disgusted at herself. She shrugs the thought away and goes up to her cure. The starts recording it. Nothing happens. No the thinks. No no no. It just worked. It can't not work. What about her dreams? Was this some sick joke from the world. Lilith sits at her desk, defeated.

Completed challenges

The following challenges were completed during the writing exercise:

Begin Start typing to begin
Words Reach 50 words
Prop Include a key chain
Words Reach 100 words
Letter Use the letter V
Character A thinking handyman
Event Nothing interesting happens
Prop Include a candy wrapper
Letter Use the letter T
Character A vulnerable clockmaker
Event A shrill cry echoes in the mist
Event Someone has a world-changing idea
Prop Include a pair of water goggles
Words Reach 200 words
Words Reach 50 words
Words Reach 100 words
Words Reach 200 words
Event Someone cries for help
Character A respectful fisherman/woman
Character A vulnerable shop assistant

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