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The Adventurers: The Staff of Karma

by Quint Tanner | Score: 900

Time: 1:30 Eastern time, Year: 1932
Having of just landed in Ciaro Pheonix Kane carrying a backpack full of equipment walks of his Pan America flight. He walks over to a tavern taking of his backpack he sat down and asked for a cup of whiskey. The bar tender did so Kane took a set at a set up table, pulling out a piece of what looked like a map he had taveled long and far now all that was holding him back was a few of his friend's that were taking their sweet ass time. The Tender came back gave Kane his whiskey which Kane gladly took. Little did Kane know that someone else had followed him, General Thornheart had sent one of his men to keep a close eye on him for some time Kane had spoken against the Nazi propaganda that is in germany. end of pat 1.

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