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The Silence of Failed Magick

by Drakeford Kennon | Score: 3050

There is a very strange sort of ringing that occurs when a particularly tricky magick goes wrong. It seeps, slowly but steadily into the bones and the soul. You can feel it coming and once you feel the magick unraveling so that it will suffer the disintegration of ineptitude there is very little you can do to prevent it. The lucky or the skilled can undo the disintegration before it collapses into the user but that is a rare feat and rarely to be searched for. So you stand or sit as your magick unravels and you have time to think and wonder how the deafness will feel this time. The ringing reaches its highest pitch after a few seconds or few minutes, it depends on the invocation, nature of the warping, and how much the practitioner struggles to keep the spell active. I had struggled for several minutes as the ringing build in my soul and bones. At the moment of shattering it felt like the world was reaching into my "Self" and seeking to rip it forcefully from my body. I nearly had it and then. Then there was silence. Nothing. The ringing, the breath of wind in the room that I was standing, the clatter of markers as they were tugged from the shelves along with anything with the slightest interest in the "thing" that I was calling. The silence this time was not complete. It was the silence of batted breath in a front of a new discovery. The silence of expectation, of hope. Hope in the defiance of clear failure. I still had to hope. Hope that though the magick had failed, that it had succeeded in calling attention. In diverting a bit of the celestial thought in a particular singularity instead of towards the universality of existence. Please. Please. The silence stretched into a mockery of its beginning, in the shattering and warping of reality. The Calling beyond myself. This had to work. I needed it. I needed the silence to mean something. The silence needed to be broken by another. A new patron. I new well of power. 

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