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Causality; an Alternate

by WalksWithBooks | Score: 1550

The world end in 35 minutes because nothing interesting happens. The [Interesting Event] that must happen is an example of a [Motive Force].
Take for example the bottle of syrup that is in my fridge. From a traditional standpoint the physics attached to that syrup are pretty much the same as those for the bottle of ketchup right next to it. But if you consider the [Motive Force] as a vector of causality (instead of the traditional kinetics-based causality) then the likelihood of their future states being something well-known becomes much more predictable. If you imagine (and map or plot) these two futures well enough you could devise a function to translate between to two.

Hmm, I seem to have define two possibility spaces in the real world. 

1; Traditional Kinetics-Based: this is where the concept of free will is not considered (possibly not considerable).
2; Motive Force of Egoic Attention: this is what you get if you define the possibility space with the inclusion of an identity function.

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Event Nothing interesting happens
Prop Include a bottle of syrup
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Letter Use the letter G
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