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"Alright, team, let's take a break here," [l/i] said once they reached the clearing, setting his bag down. Alden grunted as he did the same and started to take out the materials needed to set up camp. 

"Cora, can you grab the water jug from my pack? I'm going to get some sticks for a fire," Ivy requested. 

Cora reached in and started rummaging through her bag and suddenly yipped as she pulled something out. "Ivy, why do you have a whip in your bag? Aren't you an archer?"

"Well you never know," Ivy shrugged as she disappeared into the forest. "Eléna, go find a river for water." 

"Gotcha." Eléna set her bag down near Cora and Ivy's and walked off, taking the water jug from Cora. She set off into the forest, going in the opposite direction that Ivy did. Searching around, she observed her surroundings. Unlike the other forest that she had first arrived in this, this one was dark and dreary. It had a mysterious feel to it and had a light film of fog, slightly impairing her vision. That probably wasn't a good thing. 

Hearing a river, Eléna increased her speed and broke into a light jog towards the sound. This turned out to be her mistake. She tripped over a twig and let out a screech that was immediately cut off as she fell into the darkness. 
Groaning, Eléna stood up and looked around. It looked like she was in a cave of some sort. She attempted to call for help, but figured she was too far underground for anyone to hear her. Hyperventilating, she took out a small piece of candy and stuffed it into her mouth and shoved the wrapper into her pocket.  Suddenly she heard a noise. 

Drawing out her dagger, she took up a defensive stance and called out, "Who's there?" She didn't like how her voice slightly shook. A figure started walking towards her, but its movements seemed weird, too fluid and smooth for it to be walking. With a jolt, she realized it was floating. How? She crouched a little lower to the ground and slightly walked forward. A figure appeared. It was a girl a little younger than her. Maybe fourteen or so. She wore a dress that went well below her knees. With waist length flowy hair, a round face, and large eyes, Eléna had to admit that she was quite pretty.

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