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He layed his head on me tenderly. His words slurring into sweet nothings. At that moment my heart ripped open, it became something that had immense love for this human being. All of a sudden his butler comes towards us and grabs him. " what happened to Master Ryan? he says in a rush. "I came here and found him like that. 

I have to remember that just like Romeo and Juilet, we were never meant to be. If we were together only tragidies and misfortunes would fill our lives, especially mine. Im pretty sure he didnt even like me. I was just a passing feeling. A insignificant person. His best friends, cousin that was misfourtunantley staying with them. Knowing that what i fet for him would never be reciprocated made me feel cold, like that night. The first night we met before i moved in with my cousin. It was years ago, i was about 10 years old. The winter was long during that time and i felt like spring would never come

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