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A dream

by Robin Burkart | Score: 5850

Did you hear todays main story on the TV? Everyone is talking about that. Sam says to his brother. No? Says Tim. What was it about? An airplane crashed and everybody died, get out of your bubble dude, stop reading your books all the time and get out to the world. Tim closes his book and looks up to his brother. Do you see the fork on the table? He asks. Yes, what do you want? he replies. It is there from yesterday after you finished your lunch, get your shit together and then ask for the same the others, not the other way around. You know what? Says Tim. I have an idea, which i have to go to my room to complete, so what about you cleaning the kitchen including my fork. What an idea, what is it about, i think you are just bailing on the fork and kitchen. I am not, it is about a firefighter equipment, you would not understand. Tim says with his eyes rolling to the ceiling. I would, he argues and sips out of his coffee mug. Just tell me, I have nothing to do, i lost my job yeterday. He says casually. Haha, Tim laughes at him. That was the easiest job you have ever had, were you not just bulding a house? You snobby builder. Just queue up to another job, you cannot just lie here at home, do someting. Says Tim to his brother excaliming. Sam just grabs his baanana and bites the top. I think I will not queue for anything. I do not like the jobs they offer. Tim wakes up. and there is an earthquake. Was that just a dream? Or does my brother really still live. Oh my god I am as drunk as ever, i have to go to the drugstore. Why am i doing this to myself. Why why wh

Completed challenges

The following challenges were completed during the writing exercise:

Begin Start typing to begin
Event An airplane crashes
Words Reach 50 words
Character A passionate book-keeper
Letter Use the letter A
Prop Include a fork
Words Reach 100 words
Event Someone has a world-changing idea
Letter Use the letter R
Character An artistic firefighter
Prop Include a coffee mug
Words Reach 200 words
Event Someone loses his/her job
Character A snobby builder
Prop Include a banana
Event Your character wakes up with a start
Words Reach 300 words
Character A drunk pharmacist

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