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It all began when my parents thought that I wasn't good enough for them, they thought that I wasn't the child that they cared enough to care of. I was replaced by a kid who was just... different. A kid that seemed to shapeshift into whatever my parents wanted him to be. A straight A's student? Done. A violin prodigy? Say no more. It just made me feel... useless. I was adopted by a lovely couple who despite not having much to offer, offered me kindness that I never thought existed. I wasn't a spoiled child, so I didn't mind not getting a gift for my birthday or if I did a good deed, they just cared that I was comfortable being myself without any judgement. I had a pork stain birthmark on my face that made people think I was evil. It was the bane of my existence... having that birthmark. One girl, Erin befriended me when I was in the corner of the cafeteria in our foster facility. She had platinum blonde hair, but dark eyes. Her hair was shining so bright that you can't help but be captivated by it. She had golden bronze skin and face would perk up whenever I smiled at her. When she put her hair strand behind her ear, it would always fall on her face because of how small her ears were. She liked wearing earrings that were so big that would make her head rest in a weird and crooked position, but she didn't care. I asked her what she liked, "Well... everything!"
"Everything?" I replied. 
"Yup! There's just too many things in the world for me not to like."
"What about you?" She tilted her head, waiting for an intriguing response, but I know it'll disappoint her.
"Well, umm... I like uhhh... you."
Her eyes widened.
"I mean, uhhh... sorr

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