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The Misconceptions Of Jack Mulligan

by JH Beitler | Score: 1750

Jack Mulligan was an ordinary man who lived in a rather ordinary town, who did even more ordinary things. 
So why is it that Jack Mulligan above all people would be going to prison? Now that, that is an interesting question. It all began at 8:30 sharp, Jack was a half time piano instructor, he taught a small class of six college students. Jack was never late but for some strange reason this day he was. 

When he arrived his rather snarky student, Samwell as always made his remarks. 
"Your late Mr. Mulligan," he stated

He rolled his eyes in annoyance.
"Yes, Samwell that is very obvious" 

"Did your wife burn the eggs again, or did she finally realize that you were an insignificant and pig skinned milk drinker?" 

"Funny, Samwell. But your well aware that I'm not married" 

"Oh right, then whoever's sadly destined to love you, are rather lucky today" 

Samwell slapped his desk in triumphant laughter. 

 "Little bastard" muttered Jack 

"What was that, p

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Event Someone goes to prison
Letter Use the letter Y
Words Reach 100 words
Prop Include a desk

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