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"Im glad you're being welcoming..." his tone sounded likethere should have been a 'but' after but he kept it in. "And the reason you didn't shift?"
"I had just shifted back and pandora was tapped. trust me I tried."
He nodded. "You aren't in trouble." 
"Thanks," I said but gave him a small smile.
He patted my ankle. and weirdly that was what made me realise I was lying on top of my covers still wearing my clothes from the attack. I looked down and there was blood and grass stains all over my clothes from the various scratches and rolling around in the back yard. "Do you think my arm would be okay if I got in the shower."
"Bath might be better. Do you want me to call Halllee back to help.
"No," I sat up with a little difficulty, holding my injured arm tight to my chest. "I think I can manage."
He stood up like he was waiting to have to help me walk but I just stood up and grabbed the top thing out of my pajama drawer to put on when I got out of the bath.
"If you get your bandage wet I have more  in my office."
"Okay. Thanks."
As I started towards the door I heard Hudson shift behind me again. "Sawyer,"
I turned over my shoulder to look at him.
"I'm glad you're okay. I'll call the school in the morning and let them know you wont be going in."

I slept in. Like really slept in. When I looked at my phone it was already after noon. I had no less than ten messages from Trevor and one from Hudson stating he was gone out for the day, with Hallee's number just in case. 

I tried to roll over on my side bt

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