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The Portal Woods

by Kylie Thompson | Score: 6700

"Molly" Meagan whined. "Meagan, shut up." Molly said. 
"But I'm wet, it's pouring." She replied. 
It was true they had decided to go hiking and the sky had opened up. Now they were both drenched. Molly's clothes clung to her skin at this point her sweater wasn't helping. 
Meagan sighed "Are we almost back to the parking lot?" She asked. 
"No we still have half a mile." Molly replied. 
Meagan groaned "I told you this was a bad day for a walk."
"Sorry." Molly said. 
They walked in silence for another half mile, but they didn't end up at the parking lot. Instead they walked in to a clearing. It was snowing. 
"Is it snowing?" Asked Molly.
"This is ridiculous." Said Meagan annoyed. 
"Why is it snowing, it's spring." 
"And why is it so cold?" Added Meagan. 
Molly sighed and pulled her jacket on. 
Meagan jumped over a rock. 
"This is insane." Meagan complained. 
"Wha-" Molly looked up. 
It was now sunny and sandy. 
"What the heck? It's like we walked through a portal" Molly said.
Meagan threw her hands up in the air. "Maybe we did." 
They walked through the beach and came across what looked like the remains a
of a destroyed civilization. 
"It looks like a hurricane came through this place and ripped it to shreds." Meagan said. 
"Maybe we should look around." Molly said. 
Meagan nodded in agreement. 
They walked in to the house that looked like it was in the best condition. The roof was crack in some places the windows' and door were broken. Inside there was a broken piano, a ripped up couch, and many other things. 
Molly walked into a kitchen and pulled out a can of soup.
"Meagan look the expiration date is today. This must of happened recently." Molly said.  
"Thats weird I didn't see anything on the news." Meagan replied. 
"Meagan look at this place I don't think anyone knew this place exsited"

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