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day off

by Reeni | Score: 1650

Quick! get into the bathroom now! on the floor! put the dog into the bathtub! away from the window. the doors and windows rattle against the force of the storm. Sounds of howling and whistling wind against the beams of the ceiling give away the might in that wind. Trying to get the kids to assemble quickly into the bathroom did not seem to be as effortless as he hoped it would be. It's all the same he thought. No one listens when coaches either. He pulls them in as they get nearer and hauls them in one by one, counting as they go in. Then he shuts the door behind him. Joyce?! Mat?! Taylor? Sheena? good. Rex, you ok buddy?! Perfect, the door is not closing. Just then he can hear the wind pressing hard on the house. Every part of the house, walls and doors and everything in between groans and creaks as if it will snap any minute. The bathroom door keeps opening. He desperately tries to look for something to jam the door shut. There has to be something!! Joyce! Pass me Mat's back scrubber thing that looks like a wishbone. Joyce tosses it over and he jams that right under the door, wedging it shut as the house rattles on perilously.

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