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by Anonymous | Score: 2050

I jolt awake, the scent of fire and the sound of gunshots waking me from my sleep. Groaning, I slowly get up, peeking out from my window. Then, everything changes. There's raiders, raiders from the stories, setting fire to the houses. Although not looking like the typical raiders, it scares me. No one's told anyone about what to do in case of a raid!
I run downstairs, Mom and Dad no where around. "Mom? Dad?" I weakly cry out. At my call, the raiders bust down the door, staring down at me. They all have on gas masks, the kind for a sleeping or poison gas. One of them, he's a little taller than me and has brown hair, bends down, looking at me. "Kid, where's your parents?" he asks, and I shake my head in response. Getting up, he and a taller man with a green mask talk in a language I can't understand. The the taller one, he has strawberry blond hair like Mom, looks down on me. "Kid, your parents are dead. We had to burn down this place, take only the children. Dunno why, but you're coming with us." My eyes widening, I run upstairs, grabbing the nearest jacket, mainly white with red on the top of the sleeves and around the neck, and putting on boots. "Kid! Get back down here!" Their boots hit the wooden steps, and I panic as I start grabbing my backpack along with other materials. A water bottle, some M&Ms, a flashlight, and a locket with a picture of me, Mom, Dad, and my older brother I never knew abou. Shaking away the tears, the slide the backpack on and open the window. 

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