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Sorcer Supremes Son

by NormanMaximoff | Score: 1800

                                            Sorcer Supreme

                                    Chapeter 1
                                  A new era

A shadow is shown then all of the sudden a beam of light crashes threw the windos it was Dr.Steven Strange aka Sorcer Supreme deafeating his enemy Scepter then out of no where a screma was heard it sounded like a Hey Dad but it wasent that it was the Beggening of a new Era begun 

Ikee-Dad why are people trying to take pictures of us 

Steven Strange-Its becuase I am famous plus Scepter Ragonork is in Prison so now there asking me question like if he will ever ESCAPe I mean image how much stress that causes me

Lera-Shut up Ikee you dont get being rich and famous  only people like me and dad understand

Stephen Strnage-Stop you two

-then a crash BOOM smoke every where all of the sudden Stephens Amulet starts shining it 4 saphires quickly he gets into action using fumos then more smoke -

Lucy-Look brother  I get it you think your special with your best friend being a elf and manipulating caos magic but know your place

Ikee-why do you hate me

-then a shad

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