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The Last Four

by Anonymous | Score: 1650

There was a shriek as another cat disappeared.
   “Coral! Coral!” A gray she-cat screeched, the fire burned her fur and the heat was almost unbearable. Coral was an orange tabby cat, and the Fire cat had stolen her through the fire. 
  “No . . . Coral . . .” The gray she-cat collapsed and the smoke burned her throat as she took shallow breaths. Her vision got blurry and she soon closed her eyes, and didn’t move. 
  “Hey! There she is!” Another cat yowled, a black tom, “There she is! By the rock!” Three cats streaked over and without hesitation, they grabbed her and dragged her to a high cave in a cliff. 

As the three cats entered the cave, there was a sudden downpour. The rain poured down onto the flames. They made a hissing sound as the fire went out. The black tom limped in last, his paw was injured pretty badly. All the cats had some sort of injures,  wither  it was from the fire, or a claw mark. The cat who was carrying the she-cat lay her down on a nest made of moss. 
  Suddenly, one of the rescue cats coughed and gasped. He collapsed on the hard floor. 

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