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The Tear Stains on my Hardwood Floors

by Anonymous | Score: 5650

My father just sits, sits, and cries all day long. I don't know quite why, but he does. I know it has to be for some reason. But I just can't figure it out. 

Then he lets those pesky tears drip down, down, down, and splatter all over my hardwood floors. What a mess, I've had to invest in a mop. 

I got that mop from this stoic shop assistant, it was hard to get him to sell at a reasonable price but I just had to have it. You know. 

He also let me buy a pair of safety goggles. I am so pleased. I even served him breakfast! It was a bit bloody but I'm sure he didn't mind. Why would he?

Where did I get all that blood you ask. Well from my dear dad of course. That's why I needed the mop silly. 

Oh, you thought it was for the floors? Well of course it's for the floors, I just never said what on the floors! 

Now I'll just have to go tell his sports coach he's going to stop coming to class. He's so patient with me, I'm sure he'll understand. 

Even if he doesn't we can always do a pull-a-wishbone. And he if loses, he can go bye-bye forever! 

Oh no! He put up a fight and I had to get blood all over my brand new blouse. That was very rude of him. Now I'll have to explain all these problematic stains to the dry cleaner. 

Oh, what a pain. I quite liked them to be honest. But now, I'll have to shut them up too! How sad sad sad. I suppose her wife did owe me a twenty. 

It's only fair, it'll serve as a good reminder to return what is rightfully and legally mine. Oh me, legal. No, no, no. I am as illegal as they come. 

And if she doesn't listen after that, I may have to just take the old whip off the shelf. But that would take so much time to grab. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

I can do it with what's right here. Or maybe we can go hack into their home security. That would just swell would it not? I think it would be. 

All this just because, my father cried all over my beautiful hardwood floors. 

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Event Dad just sits and cries
Prop Include a pair of safety goggles
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Character A patient sports coach
Prop Include a wishbone
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Event A fight breaks out
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Character A quarrelsome moneylender
Prop Include a whip
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Event A computer is hacked
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