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by Anonymous | Score: 1300

she stares back at her reflection. so this is love. to be aware of every blemish, every scar.

 her eyes with too much space between them. her nose with its constellation of visible pores. her cracked lips and yellow stained teeth. what can she say? she loves coffee too much. she stares at her waist with imprinted with the lines of her underwear, her chest expanding and then contracting.

she thanks her eyes for letting her see the beauty of the skies and cruelty of the world. she thanks her ears for letting her listen, when that's all she can do. she thanks her body for hurting as a warning sign, for she is grateful for the physical pain that she can finally pinpoint. she thanks her feet, for propping her up as a reminder that she was worthy of being held up and to be seen. she thanks her hands for helping her feel and write and draw and play.

self-love may be clay masks and scented candles and chocolates and blankets. it can also be confronting your reflection while muttering words of a silent prayer. 

please let me love myself. please let me love myself. please let me love myself.

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