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the dreamed computer

by Juanita Arango | Score: 2050

There was a girl that was really pretty and she went to school every day, she carried her backpack, her lunch and her old computer that her grandmother owned 4 years ago, she couldn't work that good in school because of this computer, it was really slow and everybody bullied her because of this. On wendsday we she arrived home she decided to have a serios conversation with her mother and her goal was that her mother bought her a new computer to be able to be the best student. As soon as she started her conversation her mother was really angry at her because she didn't eat all her lunch. They started talking and the girl told her mother she'll do a savings plan for them to be able to buy her dreamed new computer. Her mom agreed with her and the conclusion was that they would have to save money during 6 months to be able to buy the computer and that she would have to wait patiently. 

Finally after two months it was the big day! They went to the store and bought the girl computer and at the next day she went to school and she was really happy showing everione her computer, including the teachers. The girl was mostly proud  because she finally made it!

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