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Murphy's Law

by Anonymous | Score: 3300

Jewellery shone from the racks where they were placed, the light reflecting off the windows, the walls, creating rainbows where the light reflected. It was a nice, sunny day, and Amy was leisurely browsing in an antique shop, looking at all the pretty shinies on offer. The day was pleasant, and the birds were singing their beautiful melodies - there wasn't a single thing out of place. Pedestrians chattered happily outside, and laughter permeated the air.

But, as they say, the calm comes before the storm.

There was barely any warning. For a minute, the birds stop chirping. The sky turned a gloomy shade of grey. 

And that was when it hit.

The jewellery rattled from the racks, and the ground grumbled from beneath Amy. Pedestrians screamed, and animals whined, scrambling all over the place. Darkness descended, like a volcano descending its terrors upon Pompeii, and Amy grabbed the first thing she could acquire: a book of matches. 

It was all she could do to stay upright. She was reminded in that moment of the one thing she had learned as a child during an earthquake: take cover. Scrambling towards a sturdy table, she realised another man dashing towards it, and she gritted her teeth. "This is a matter of life and death," she thought. "This means war."

All of a sudden, just as she was ready to push the man out of her little newfound sanctuary, everything stopped. Everything was still, and she paused, dumbstruck. The jewellery stayed stagnant where it was, and the animals that were dashing stayed frozen in the air. Pedestrians had mouths agape in a half-scream, and Amy looked at the man before her - to find that he was blinking confusedly at her too.

What is going on?

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Location An antique store
Words Reach 50 words
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Event An earthquake hits
Prop Include a book of matches
Words Reach 200 words
Sentence "This means war."
Event Everything stops

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