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Jodie Amsterdam - Hiking

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Jodie Amsterdam lugged the massive back onto her back and continued the long, arduous trek to the campsite.

"Bobbi Lee, what are you doin to me?" Despite her exhaustion and the growing sensation of dehydration creeping into every facet of her body, she still managed a singsong quality to the words and even flashed a coquettish smile at the buxom blonde traveling behind her.

Camping had never been a Jodie Amsterdam thing. Room service and warm baths cast too alluring a spell on her. But for the Bobbi Lee, she was willing to suffer the indignity of a dozen mosquito bits.

But just a dozen. She had her limits. In some cases they rose to quite the height, particularly when the long-legged blonde was involved. But the road too said limits carried far fewer exceptions.

"Almost there, Jodie bear."

She was young. Not treacherously so, but as with anyone it was more in how she carried herself. Jodie had been shocked to learn the young woman had celebrated her twenty-fifth birthday earlier that year. She looked younger, yes. Must be all that damn hiking, she mused. But more so it was in her smile and the jokes she told. In the vigorousness with which she made love. I've always been a sucker for that last one, she confided in herself, a smile of remembrance of last night playing on her lips. God! Look at me. Smitten. 

Jodie Amsterdam was disgusted with herself.

"I do hope you appreciate this love." A hill rose before them and, two hands on the backpacks straps, Jodie bumped the burden higher on her back and began to pump her legs to meet the challenge. "I'm all for strenuous activity, as I'm sure you'll recall, but typically I get a little something in return for it."

"You don't get a thrill from meeting the challenge!" The young woman chirped.

"Oh, I've been thrilled by all sorts of challenges, love. They just tend to be of the more intimate kind." She wanted to turn and wink but the threat that she might lose her footing and tumble backwards rang too fiercely in her mind. She lowered her head and powered on. "I do love mother earth," she continued. "Don't think of me as one of those boorish fools incapable of finding sensuality in nature." She was panting now. Her words came out in strained droplets, like beads popped off a string one at a time. "I just, prefer to be the one performing the sensual act. And to simple let nature set the mood."

A firm slap greeted Jodie's behind and she near jumped the rest of the distance up the hill.

"Don't worry, darling. You'll be performing plenty later on. You just got to earn it."

Heat rose to Jodie's cheeks. Few woman, let alone ones as young as this, could match her appetites. She enjoyed the mama role. Older woman showing a young pup the ropes of this world, both figurative and literal. But she couldn't deny the thrill of discovering a woman who could match her gusto. She also loved the way Bobbi Lee said "darling." Like a goddamn country music rock star. Who knew?

The view came in all at once. A rush of color and air as if someone had opened a door into a new world with cleaner, fresher air, and colors that simply did not exist on the other side. Cresting the hill, the trees gave way and before them, spread out like a dream, was the lake Bobbie Lee had promised. Jodie Amsterdam gasped. She never gasped. She made others gasp. That was her function in life. One of many. But here, standing on the rim of this mountain, that part of her fell away and she allowed herself to be awed.


Bobbie giggled. "I know."

Jodie felt the young woman's firm fingers wrap around her waist and pull her close. For a moment they stood there, hips touching, and simply enjoyed the view. A flock of birds--Jodie couldn't identify which species they were though the fact that Bobbie Lee probably could sent a spike of pride through her. She shook her head at that. What on earth with this young woman--flew across the vista, the final perfect touch to the scene. An artist's masterstroke turning a beautiful, yet somewhat predictable piece, into something more.  Jodie felt her head begin to fall. Was she going to put her head on this young woman's shoulder? She was an affectionate woman, no doubt, but even she had her limits.

A warmth fell onto her cheek and Jodie was relieved to realize that Bobbi had spared her the possibility by snuggling up to her instead. That's better, she thought. More her speed.

"Oh shit."

"What's wrong, darlin. Not all you thought it would be."

Jodie jutted her chin down the hill toward a small campground between the base of the mountain and the lake. A group of people and cars were gathered round. Even from this distance, Jodie could see it wasn't the result of a big family camping trip. Something had happened and the park service was in full force trying to figure out why.

"No big deal. There's plenty of lake for everyone. And," Bobbi Lee brushed a stand of hair from Jodie's face. "plenty of trees for privacy."

Jodie smirked. "You're incorrigible. Still, we should see what's going on. Wouldn't want to settle in only to be told we have to move, or check in with someone," she added with a hint of disdain. "Nothing we can't handle, dear." She patted the young girl's cheek then pecked a kiss on the other. "Besides, you mentioned something about the thrill of a challenge. I sense one waiting for us down there."

Smiling, she broke their embrace and began skipping down the trail. Lord, she thought to herself, I've been reduced to this.

As they rushed down the hill, a nagging thought occurred to her. Why did she want to check out the commotion at the campground? She and Bobbi Lee had already hiked an ungodly number of miles. What were a few more? As she had said, there was plenty of lake. They could hike another mile or two and be plenty of distance away from any disturbance. Why, all of a sudden, was she so eager to be distance between her and this young woman?

The thought badgered her all the way down to the base. However, once they arrived, she found more than enough to occupy her thoughts. The camp people had been brought there to investigate a murder

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