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It Comes at Night

by Anonymous | Score: 1650

The jail was empty, no sound, in complete darkness. The night watchmen wonder around the halls, looking for misbehaving inmates. The man lay alone on his concrete bed, listening for the sound of the it's keys. He opens his eyes but dares not to turn around, in fear the thing will be right in front of him. The he hears it, the jingling of metal keys. The man closes his eyes shut and waits for the torture. His cell door opens and the thing stood behind him, watching him in delight. "I know your awake, hehe." It says in a  clown tone. The scared man doesn't move or make a noise, but continues to lay in silence. The creature hung his head in front of the prisoners and smiled a smile so horrifying. The man opened his eyes and saw the creature staring and smiling at him. The inmate screamed and tried to run out of his cell but the door was locked. "You can't run  from me Jack, I'll always catch you." Jack yelled as the thing got closer to him. Just then the lights came on and the creature disappeared. Nurses in smocks opened his door and took his arms as he let them drag him away. "He was there, I sa - saw him." Jack shook and the doctors

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