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My Grandmother from Hell

by Anonymous | Score: 2050

I lay on bed crying because my great grandmother has passed away. I loved her so much, even though at times she could be scary and a little weird. My mother walks in my room and comforts me, telling me it's gonna be ok. I slip into my pajamas and make myself cozy under great grandmother's handmade quilt. I wipe my tears away and drift into sleep. 

I wake up, my room is pitch black. I can't see anything but my alarm clock next to my bed, it reads 2:37. I roll to my side and try to get b ack to sleep, but I can't because there's a strange noise coming from the corner of my room. I look up to see a dark figure standing eight feet tall still in the corner. I gasped and it walks out of the darkness and starts to glow an eerie white. It's my grandmother, she looks like a goddess but she's very tall. I sit up in bed as she reaches the bottom of my bedframe. "Gramma?" I say relieved. She looks at me angerly and floats off the ground hovering over me. Her mouth opened so wide that it cut her skin and made her smile like something a demon would where. She screamed an ear piercing scream and blood came out her mouth, ears, and nose. She was a nightmare from Hell. 

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