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The Robbery

by Julia | Score: 6650

"Hands up where I can see them."

Amelie froze, her hand hovering mid air over the bank's smooth granite countertops. In front of her, the bank teller's eyes were wide. Panicked.

She turned around, arms still in the air awkwardly half raised. A group of people dressed head to toe in black had entered the bank, their faces covered with clothes so that only their eyes were visible.

Her mind blank, Amelie stuttered out a "Hello?" before she processed that that wasn't exactly an appropriate response for the situation. 

The front robber - for surely that was what these people were - swung their gun in her direction. They leveled it at her. "You. In the blue shirt. Hands up."

The rebellious part of Amelie wanted to come back with a clever response. The rational part of her put her hands in the air. The robber nodded. "Good." Their voice was gravelly, just like all the robbers in the movies.

She had never imagined that film would become reality.

Amelie's wants were pretty simple. She wanted to graduate from college - film school, to be precise. She wanted to earn enough money to support herself without having to go back to her parents begging for help. She wanted to produce something that was enough to wake up Mr. Martin, the sleepiest teacher she had ever met. Rumor had it that he had been a director for some European movie, though Amelie wasn't sure she bought it.

The point was, she just wanted to live her life. Her life plan did not include being held at gunpoint in a bank.

As the robbers dispersed throughout the high ceilinged room, jabbing their weapons in the faces of terrified customers and frantic workers, Amelie wished that something would happen to make them stop.

She hadn't depended on that something to be a cell phone. Her cell phone, to be specific. It was ringing.

Fortunately, she kept her ringtone quiet enough - there was nothing worse than a phone call interrupting a movie shoot - that no one seemed to notice. Could she? 

"Who is it?" Amelie whispered, holding the phone close to her mouth. 

It was her sister. "Hey." Liana's voice was cheerful as ever. "Listen, do you still need me to drop off the books you asked for? Like, how urgent is it? Because I'm in the neighborhood right now."

Typical. "No need. I, uh. I'm kind of busy right now." She heard an odd noise in the background of the call, and despite everything, couldn't help but ask, "Was that... a chicken?"

A pause. Then, "Yes." Liana sighed. There was a sound as though she was shifting the phone from her hand to her shoulder. "Thom 'adopted' this chicken he found, and he's out right now, so I get to take care of it until he comes back. Lucky me. Guess what I'm holding right now."

That explained why her sister was nearby. Amelie stifled a giggle. There had to be something wrong with her emotions, because she'd gone from terrified to, well, amused. "Don't tell me the famous animal hater was talked into touching a chicken by her boyfriend."

"Okay, first of all, I am not an animal hater. I just... like to appreciate wildlife from a distance. A-" Liana's voice grew strained and suddenly cut out. 

Amelie waited. "Um, hello? You still there?" 

A shriek, and then she was back. "Yeah, uh, you know what, I think I need to go. Madonna-"


"The chicken. The chicken is shedding all over and I don't think this is normal, and I'm kind of- I kind of need help, and no offense, but you don't know any more about chickens than I do. Okay, it's scratching me. Time to go. Love you."

The phone clicked off. Too late, Amelie realized she should have told her sister what was happening. Ah, well. 

For a moment, Amelie had lost track of where she was. She'd forgotten that she was in the middle of a bank robbery. She'd forgotten that her hands were supposed to be in the air, and that her life was in danger. Liana and the chicken had been a thorough distraction, and an entertaining one at that.

So it was perhaps understandable that Amelie didn't notice the cool surface of a gun to her forehead until it was too late. 

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Sentence "No need."
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