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Mira's Lament

by Sarah Shinault | Score: 1750

The infirmary nurse looked down at the quietly sobbing girl, staring in silence at the small, white stick that rested in the teenager's shaking hands.

"I know this is a lot," the nurse told her patient. "We can arrange for you to be transported back to your home. A war zone is no place for you to raise a--"

"You don't get it," the girl said, lifting her head to reveal the tears streaming down her face. "There's nothing left for me to go back to. I didn't want this. I was just trying to do--"

"Listen," the nurse cut her off, "I know this is difficult. You're young and you're under a lot of pressure. But, a warzone is no place to raise a child."

Suddenly, the teen jumped to her feet and shouted, "I can't leave." Her voice cracked as she continued with emphasis. "I didn't want this..."

The nurse blinked, not comprehending why the girl couldn't get through her head that she had dealt with this exact type of situation before, with the female soldiers and staff that worked under the Archeron Rebellion. There had been plenty of stories of young women seducing the men in their units, hoping to impregnate themselves just so they could be sent home, away from the war and all of its carnage. 

The girl went quiet again, barely able to stifle her sobs. "I didn't...I was just trying to do my job. But, he...he wouldn't let me go..."

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