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someones drunk

by Audrey | Score: 850

One day I was at a party having drinks with my friends having fun. We made up the challange called who can drink the most. For me It was so eayes .
a capple of hours later we where dancing and we had a little to much to drink. I ran to the brath room and started pucking my head off as my girls where still having fun  parting outside. I think i felt a lot more better after woods so I keeped on partying and having more drink Wine, tcilam, shoots and a lot more untill we got kicked out for jumping on stage and prtending we where singers i thought i was good untill i pucked on the bar tenders head
Oooops!  So me and my girls went home and literley sarted vomting and the barth room smelt like rooten eggs . One of the girls didn't make it to the barth room but thank god for the dog because he cleaned it up!.

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