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Clone Wars 2

by Beffs | Score: 3050

There was running outside her door, dozens of feet hitting off the durasteel decking plates of the medical cruiser.  It was well into the night cycle, and she wasn't terribly impressed by being woken.  Not after a long day on the triage deck.  

She rolled out of bed, shaking herself roughly.  Caf.  She needed caf.  But first... she needed to find out what the kark was going on.

The door slid open on her approach, a setting she had hot-wired into it months earlier.  It made life easier, especially after back-to-back clinical shifts.  Entry codes were for nerds, anyway.

Security troops were running down the hall, armed.  That, in and of itself, was uncommon.  

And worrying.

She snagged the sleeve of one, spinning him into the wall.  Her rank bars on her rumpled scrubs kept him from the immediate retort he so clearly wanted to give her, and instead he snapped a hasty salute.

"What's going on?"  Her voice was rougher than she'd like, but that's what happened when you functioned on single hours of sleep.  

The trooper sighed.  "War, Captain.  They just declared war."

"... Kriff."

He detached himself roughly, shaking himself.  "They're calling everyone into the main crew hangar, for the holonet broadcast."  His pivot was picture-perfect, and he was off.

She grabbed for her code cylinders off of the side table by her door, a novelty she had picked up several shore leaves past as a flight of fancy, but had since proved its use multiple times.  

Fighting against the running troops, she made her way to her medbay.  Garvey was already there, wringing his hands as he fiddled with the commlink controllers.

"I've patched into the hangar's systems already," he said, not elaborating.  He was good like that, being ahead of the game at all times.  

"Have they said anything yet?" she made sure the door was secure as she settled onto the treatment gurney.  "They said war was declared?"

Her tech nodded.  "The Separatists finally declared their intentions.  Something about a fight on Geonosis.  There was massive casualties, and my guess is we're getting shipped that direction."

"Geonosis?  isn't that by Tatto

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