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The Lonely Bedroom

by Tracy Lee | Score: 1250

I lay awake in my bed. I think about how empty my life has become. How did I end up so alone? Why did my boyfriend leave me for my girlfriend? We had had such a good honest and open relationship. Where did it go wrong. Why did I agree to introduce them to one another. That was my mistake. 
The day they met things began to change. Sometimes, they would just stay home and say we need our own space. Why was I so blind that I just didn't see this. They were not having alone time. They were cheating on me with each other. If they hadn't gotten caught we would still be an open relationship family. 
The hurt and betrayal was so great that I could not just let it go. Alas, that is why I am alone today. I made them choose. Foolish, foolish pride.

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