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Many people believe that aliens are not real and that they are just a myth. However, some people think that they are real and could potentially come to Earth one day. Recent studies from NASA have shown that planets in the Milky Way Galaxy could possibly hold alien life. I personally do not think that they exist at all, but you never know what your average person thinks.  If aliens really did invade the planet, I think that they would not know what to do, and would just do a bunch of random things like run around cities. It would be really weird to walk outside of your house one day and just see an alien sitting there on the side of the road. Some people think that in the future humans and aliens will possibly be able to coexist. I think that if they don't speak our language, we will have a difficult time communicating  with them.  If an alien apocalypse were to happen, the one thing I would make sure to do is have big objects at my disposal to wipe out more than one of them at most. Not an item like a candy wrapper, one more like a piano. I wonder if there are aliens that live on stars. I would ask an immodest astronomer this type of question if I ever got to meet one one day. Another possible solution that we could use if the aliens ever decide that they want to inhabit Earth, is to make a deal with them, and as long as the deal doesn't fall through, we could coexist and live on the same planet as them. A counter to this, is that the human population is increasing rapidly, and overtime, there will not be enough room. In conclusion, I really hope aliens do not come to the United States. If they do, I think that it would be nothing but problematic in the long run. 

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Event Aliens invade
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Event An earthquake hits
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Character A vulnerable business consultant
Prop Include a shirt button
Event Nothing interesting happens
Letter Use the letter P
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Prop Include a candy wrapper
Character An immodest astronomer
Event An important deal falls through
Prop Include a clamp
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