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Reality Bureau's Holocost

by WDC | Score: 2000

The glass on the window shattered as the brick hit. Michael spun around and was thankful for the safety goggles he was wearing. His mother cowered behind the kitchen island.
"When will this be over?" she cried.
"I'm afraid this is our new normal."
Christians have been determined as enemies of the state since many refused to go with the Reality Bureau. This meant a loss of jobs, business, and dignity. Michael was once an enthusiastic shop assistant. Now the only job he's allowed to do is clean the sewers of the city. This falls in line with the new Reality Bureau's Commissioners edict: they cannot join society until they agree with our reality.
Even when things go wrong, they now blame the Christians. For instance, a bank was robbed. Rather than investigating to find the true culprits, they accused a couple of Christians walking by and lynched them. It was later discovered that it was the bank manager's son and friend. But it didn't matter - those Christ-followers are now sub-human.
His younger brother dropped a candy wrapper

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