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by me | Score: 2550

One day, there was a random person who was shopping on amazon for absolutely no reason whatsoever. That person bought a bunch of random and completely useless garbage. The next day, Amazon delivered it all to her doorstep. Then she wondered, hmm... why did I order this s**t? She also thought "Well, I do like the resin keychain I bought."  She went back online and she saw an ad for a builder who is very talented. (Or at least that's what people say). Then, since she lives in Chicago, there was a big snowstorm. Then, she spammed q q q q q  on her keyboard. Yep, she's going insane. And also a a a. SOMEBODY STOP HERRR!!!!

Completed challenges

The following challenges were completed during the writing exercise:

Begin Start typing to begin
Words Reach 50 words
Event A package is delivered
Prop Include a key chain
Event Winter is long and extremely cold
Words Reach 100 words
Letter Use the letter Q
Character An adventurous book-keeper
Character A talented builder
Letter Use the letter A

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