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Letter from 29th July 2021

by Paru | Score: 2950

Hi pappa,
I don't know if you received the previous emails, so I am typing it on Word now and then sending it on the day.  So, you will probably know what happened today, Arjun was born!!!! You are probably celebrating his first birthday right now. He is so cute! I wish we could have seen him immediately, but we can't, because of the virus. 
Today is also Niko's birthday, so Minu and I went for the party. And when we came back, and were having lunch, your message came. All of us are so excited! The three of you can come home by Saturday(that is in two days). Oh I can't wait to hold him in my armsπŸ’–. We also started making the welcome banner today, it doesn't look very pretty, but I am just too happy to bother. And there is so much glitter on it, so you can understand how crazy excited Minu and I are right now.
I can't wait for you all to come home, these 2 days are going to be really long for all of us. But I know it's going to be a blast, watching him grow up, I r
Love you!😘😘😘

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Prop Include a pair of water goggles
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Event Someone has a world-changing idea
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