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I dOnT kNoW

by Lucy Schiller | Score: 1250

I am walking down a path in the woods running after my friend Michael. I soon get tired from all the running 'I'll catch up with him later' I think to myself as I sit down on a random patch of grass. I look to my right and see a small tree with a map in the middle of it stuck on with an unstable nail. I stand up and look at it and see that a cave is in the direction that Michael is running to. I start running in the direction of the cave.
When I get to the front of the cave I start calling for Micheal. "Michael! Michael!" He doesn't answer so I start walking inside. When I get to the middle of the cave I feel a slight dripping on my head. As I look up I see the most horrible sight of my life. My friend Michael is hanging from the ceiling with a wooden stake through his chest. He is Dead. It confused me. Michael loved his life, he would never suicide. It could not have been acci

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