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Gone Black

by Anonymous | Score: 2050

I started reading my book, but, something wasn't right about it. Halfway through reading, the words started to become blurry and almost fuzzy looking. I guess I'm becoming tired. I looked at the book again. All the words were fuzzy now. I must be tired. I closed my book, and turned off the dimly lit flashlight, and went to bed.

I opened my eyes, but didn't see anything. Was I blind folded? No, I live by myself with my dog. I brought my hands up, and gently touched my face, and didn't feel anything but my skin. What was happening? I looked around, but darkness followed. "Ozzy?" I called in the darkness. I sat in silence for a moment, then said, "Ozzy?!" After a few seconds, I heard the patter of Ozzy's paws, then the wag of his tail. Why can't I see. I felt Ozzy jump up on the bed, and I reached out, trying to find her. I felt a wet nose bump my elbow, and knew it was Ozzy. I rubbed his warm fur as he sat beside me, his paws resting my my leg. What's happening? I can't see anything. "Alexa?" I called.
"Yes?" Alexa said with her British accent.
"Can you call mom?" I asked, rubbing Ozzy, wishing I could see something.
"Of course," Alexa said, then I heard moms voice.
"Hey, is everything alright?" Mom asked.
I shook my head, then remembered she wasn't here. I don't think she was. "No, I can't see." I said.
"What do you mean?" She asked hurriedly.
"Everything's black. I can't see." I answered. 
"Alright, stay in bed. I'll come over there." Mom said.
Ozzy barked and I jolted.
"Keep her safe Ozzy," Mom said.
I smiled, and rubbed Ozzys fur, then Mom hung up.

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