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Rebellions With a Cause

by Stanley Brownstone | Score: 1800

it all started when she found the love letters as she believes in the year of the woman as the women of the Maury Povich show she is a fierce young woman who appeared as a guest. 

Maury told her about her fiance husband that who's the father of a ten-month-old girl. he was so pissed off about his brother telling him what's right and wrong. before he and his brother would go home and discuss this situation a fight breaks out backstage between them. 

yes indeed, they get home anyway but she would fight back against any word he insults her with. all she got against him with his brother looking at him, that is her daughter's uncle. he is the breadwinner but his brother hits the bottle before he hits his daughter.

he would go to a few lengths to do what he wants behind her back and that goes for her daughter as well. he thinks he can not take all that he thinks something comes to him as they got nothing on him

True evil is within him above all things. he accuses her of being seductive which his daughter intends to confront by gaining superpowers from within her. i

n this one and only living room looking out the window where the retail store is in downtown Brooklyn, her uncle is in search of one decent looking couch for his fort green apartment 

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