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by John her Brother | Score: 1650

John sat back on the open lounge in order to view
the painting from a broader perspective,he liked the colors and some of the design features,however abstracts were not his forte.
He did know someone who would like this his sister Margie, he reached into his pocket for his phone and scoured his contacts she was no longer in them.New phones and all that,this part of the museum was where he often came when he wanted some peace, some inspiration and sometimes conversations,with complete strangers bore fruit and information he could use in a story. His thoughts drifted back to Margie she would like a lunch and a stroll having a 3 month old baby was a task that did not give much rest.Suppose he call his Mother if he could recall her latest mobile or her work her own little store crammed with odd antiques,quirky new trends and mostly furniture.Google the Shop number and ask her for Margie's number easy,so that is what came next. Margie's singsong voice answered and he felt suddenly elevated,she was a light-hearted did not go too deep and enjoyed the things she procured for her Life."Is that you John?' you never talk first am i right? "got me sis i am officially inviting you and Bella to a spot of lunch 
at the river cafe?" 'Wow John hello works fine but since i know you and yes am somewhat housebound these days the answer is a whopping yes. "Look Margie it's not much but I should love to catch up 1;30 i shall be there and have a table waiting.Thanks John adult company is just what i need and some mindless banter will go down nicely, see you then.

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