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There was a day when a mysterious tree was planted. A man no one knew put a handful of seeds in the ground and carefully buried them. The next day about an inch of the tree had grown out of the ground. That was 2,000 years ago from this very day.
It probably sounds ridiculous hearing this supposed nonsense. But, it really did happen after all.
There was a girl who would sit under the tree every morning and every night. She was there from sun up to sun down singing to the beautiful tree. Everyone would watch in awe but, she act like she didn't notice. One day she stopped coming to the tree and it began to wither away. Until 100 years later another man came to the same spot and planted a handful of trees. The next week or so the same girl came and sang to the tree every day. From sun up to sun down just the same. She didn't look aged a day even though it had been 100 years. 
This was a mystery yet to be solved and the people of the town had no clue.
I however have met the girl. Her name is Lauren and she's a precious little thing. She may be more than 1,000 years old but so what. Wherever she goes she brings nourishment. It is as if she's the golden fleece itself but in flesh and bones. 
The next year she disappeared once again never to be seen in the rest of the history.

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