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The Heirs Of Elohim

by Ochuware | Score: 4050

I couldn't bring myself to grieve, for too long had my tears been dried and my heart harden, i was numb and void of emotion and that was the closest to rage or sadness i could muster. I wanted to scream, i wanted to stomp my feet and ask why? why did death choose to linger around me, had i not endured enough?

i held Alco's bloody skiing jacket in my hands, the voice of the lamenting sirens in the distance as his body was carried away, the wristwatch he was so fond of laying in the snow, time frozen. The noisy soul guard were trying to control the area but they were just a distant buzz to me. How had alco the adventurous bailiff died like that? the same man who had won the lottery just the other week was lying dead. I could hear the sound of a piano playing, sirene, sorrowful.

It was maddening, the patient mortician stood waiting for me to give him the jacket but how could i?
and for the first time i wished i could go back to the past and change time.

Completed challenges

The following challenges were completed during the writing exercise:

Begin Start typing to begin
Letter Use the letter E
Words Reach 50 words
Prop Include a skiing jacket
Event Someone passes away
Event Sirens sound in the distance
Prop Include a wristwatch
Words Reach 100 words
Letter Use the letter T
Character A noisy bodyguard
Event Someone wins the lottery
Character An adventurous bailiff
Prop Include a piano
Character A patient mortician
Event Your character travels into the past

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