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The Snobby Bank Clerk

by Anonymous | Score: 2050

I started looking out the window and saw that it was raining. The drops flew out of the sky and hit the ground with pounding intensity.
Turning down my radio, I settled back on my couch to observe the masterpiece that was mother nature.
I had a rough day. While I was at the bank, I had encountered a snobby clerk who had stuck her nose up at me when I went to put my check into the bank. It isn't my fault that I have to work a lame retail job that barely pays minimum wage.
Once I finished up there, I made my way to the cafe across the street to have a quick and cheap lunch. I wasn't feeling the heavy chips, with oils that I couldn't pronounce, so I decided to have a banana instead.
It was a strange day. And stressful. It made me wish back to when I spent days with my fath

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