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Burst into Flames

by BP | Score: 4600

Jessica smelled good. Chayln brushed her nose against her shoulder, lingered, swaying side to side in short, slow sweeps across her skin, before diving into her the thick of her hair.

Jessica giggled. Tightening her body so Chayln was trapped between her shoulder and head.

"You think that'll stop me?"

"I think it'll keep me from laughing and letting everyone know you snuck in here."

Tightening her grip around Jessica's waist, Chayln pressed her body against her lover and settled for the back of her neck. "I don't care." She whispered.

"You should." Jessica whispered back. But as she said it all the joy left her. It was true. Chayln should care. They both should.

News came early that morning before first bells. Lottery numbers had been selected and the corresponding names had made their way safely to Saint Wolferan's. Winners were going to be announced, and for the first time since they started attending classes at the ancient academy, Jessica saw Chayln care.

It wasn't that she was some incorrigible sociopath, straight-lining it through the halls without a care for anyone. On the contrary. At times she cared so much, Jessica feared she'd witness her friend burst into flames, incinerating two hundred years of "rich tradition" in a single, fiery blast. Lord knows, Chayln had fantasized about such things. Stuffed in a dead corner somewhere, whispering so the school's fickle acoustics wouldn't pick it up.

But when the news of the lottery hit, it was as if a mask Jessica had always assumed was there, but had given up hope of seeing, finally slipped and revealed someone she didn't quite know, but was happy to see.

Chayln's hands roamed over her body, first up, caressing her breasts, fingers tickling her throat, before venture down, past her stomach, past the waistband of her pajama pants. She could hear Chayln's heavy breathing.  Her forehead rubbing into Jessica's back as if if she didn't have her now, she would... well. Chayln always seemed on the edge of bursting into flames.

"You should." Jessica spun around, robbing Chayln of the opportunity to paw her more. "You've waited so long for something like this to happen. I don't want you to lose it."

Ignoring her, Chayln's hands went back to Jessica's waist, pulling her, forcing them together. "The only thing I've ever been waiting for is you."

"You've had me.

"Not enough." She whispered, planting a kiss on Jessica's nose. "Never enough."

Before Chayln could kiss her again, this time on the lips--Jessica could see her lover's tongue, probing out, eagerly in search of her's--Jessica pushed her hands away. Chayln responded instantly, eyes flying open like drawn shades. The mask slipped again, this time in a more familiar direction, revealing someone Jessica never liked to see.

"I love you." This tended to resecure the mask. Keep it at the right angle, where Jessica could see just enough. "You know that." To prove her point she cupped Chayln's face in her hands and kissed her deeply on the lips. But one day you're going to burst into flames, and it's not going to go the way you think.

She couldn't say that. The hurt that would invade Chayln's face would break her. And that, in turn, would break Chayln. Lover's lie. It was an uncomfortable truth Jessica had grown to learn, and then, much later, accept. Lover's life. That's what keeps them lovers.

"You winning a lottery spot," she breathed in and let her fingers dig a little deeper into Chayln's cheeks, "it's everything I've ever wanted for you. I don't want to see you lose it."

"I won't."

"You could."

"I could do a lot of things." And she flashed that wicked smile that scared Jessica as much as it titilated. Ever since the win that morning, Chayln had been reinvigorated. Not that she ever needed much coaxing when it came to being with Jessica. But something new and ferocious had overtaken her since winning. She seemed unconquerable. Powerful. Jessica felt like a bird clinging to a branch in the middle of a storm.

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